Episode 493: Penn State, Italy, Herman Cain


2 thoughts on “Episode 493: Penn State, Italy, Herman Cain”

  1. I do believe it was said that transit times along Fauntleroy had increased by two minutes since the road diet was effected. That statistic is overstated by a factor of 2-30 depending on drive times. http://publicola.com/2011/10/21/2067103793/

    As for background, , the West Seattle Herald has, like Tom Rasmussen, seen the light and now supports it. http://www.westseattleherald.com/2010/06/28/opinion/road-diet-no-failure-it-works

    Now I understand that as a couple of tech guys, you would prefer some kind of higher tech transportation solution, and you are pretty right that McGinn has been a net negative for cycling (I would say that harassment is up by drivers as I bike around the city since McGinn has taken his fall) since anyone who doesn’t like McGinn can now take it out on cyclists, but I can only assume that you are as uninformed about all of your subjects as you are about local transportation issues. Can you prove me wrong?

    Perhaps we all have our limits of progressiveness and cycling happens to be yours? Don’t worry, my limits of progressiveness start with veganism and PETA.

    But 2 minutes when the actual number was between 4 and 76 seconds? Do you guys prepare for these little fireside chats?

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