Three Strikes

A 50-year-old woman in Seattle will likely get life in prison for her third robbery, under the so-called “three strikes” law. The commenters on the P-I article are ecstatic (“She’s obviously a scumbag. Lock her up.”).

Me? Not so much. “Three strikes” laws are turning our prison system into an overpriced geriatric ward. Taxpayers will now have to feed, clothe and shelter this woman for the rest of her life, even though she’s likely at the end of her career as a strong-arm robber.


2 thoughts on “Three Strikes”

  1. And she’ll get that sweet government run health care we keep hearing about! From a wing nut’s point of view, isn’t that more punishment!!

    Wait a minute!!!

  2. Yup, and medicare. For some reason it’s okay to blow taxpayer money on people once we’ve incarcerated them.

    But this isn’t really new, is it? For a long time, republicans have been very concerned about the welfare of unborn babies. Once they emerge from the womb, well, then it’s each baby for himself.

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