The World’s Greatest Deliverative Body

America’s House of Lords continues to brag about its own disfunction:

The measure isn’t quite finished yet, but sources said the current version would cost just over $80 billion. Though that number may change as the process moves forward, it is clear Senate Democrats have no intention of moving a jobs package as large as the $154 billion measure the House passed in December on a narrow, party-line vote. The House measure included money to extend unemployment benefits and COBRA health insurance coverage, items that aren’t in the draft Senate bill but may move in the chamber separately.

“There is ‘big bill fatigue’ in the Senate right now,” said a Senate Democratic aide.

Oy. Cry me a river. There’s unemployment fatigue in America.

We don’t need an $80B tax cut bill. We need a $400B, multi-year job-creation bill. We need infrastructure. Sewer repair. Aid to state and local governments. Wind energy.

But the crybabies in the Senate with their six-figure salaries are just too darn tired, I guess. Holy crap.


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