Insuring Illegal Immigrants

If you don’t want to give illegal immigrants subsidies to buy health insurance, fine.

But if they come with their own money, why not let them? They’ll keep the costs down for the rest of us (they tend to be younger and healthier than the population as a whole), and it’ll make it less attractive to hire illegal labor (a legal resident is more expensive for a business to hire because the business would have to buy health insurance for them).


One thought on “Insuring Illegal Immigrants”

  1. The auto insurance industry has long welcomed illegal immigrants. These are mostly nonstandard auto insurers (somewhat analogous to subprime mortgage lenders, these are insurers that focus on higher risk or poorer drivers, and typically charge high fees that border on predatory lending).

    The rationale among these insurers are that illegal immigrants typically buy the coverage because they are afraid of getting pulled over without the compulsory insurance. However, they are also reluctant to file a claim because this typically involves a police report. So to the insurer this is a win-win.

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