DMI Update

Central District News has an update on the Drug Market Initiative that we discussed on a recent podcast:

Overall, eleven participants are still in the program and have avoided further issues with law enforcement. Here’s how they break out:

  • Two are currently in drug treatment to work on addiction issues that they previously supported through drug dealing
  • One has agreed to enter the GOTS program, which will give them housing stability, group support, and further drug treatment if they need it
  • One man is now enrolled in Bellevue Community College
  • One man wanted to go into fashion design, so a case worker found him a sewing machine to help him get started

There’s more at the link. We’ll return to this on a later podcast, but what really strikes me is this: how do you deal with the poverty of imagination? What happens when someone has spent a life in poverty simply can’t visualize what a new life might look like?