Podcast Follow-Up

A coupe of items in my RSS reader today that seemed relevant to this week’s podcast.

First, as Matski notes below (and noted on the podcast), there’s a liberal case to be made that President Obama acted wrongly in supporting ousted Pres. Zelaya in Honduras.

Francisco Toro, who blogs about Venezuela and Chavez, basically agrees with the idea that the veneration of “big man” presidents like Zelaya is bad for Latin America, but finds himself losing support for the current congress/military regime that replaced him:

…even many who could not – for diplomatic reasons – say so openly have been quietly rooting for Micheletti, hoping his stand against chavista aggression would succeed. Because, lets face it, those of us who reject Chávez’s visiom of caudillismo-cum-democratic-legitimacy really could’ve used a win in Honduras this week.

Toro concludes that the military’s violence against the protesters makes them unsupportable as well, however.

TNR’s Mike Crowley discusses Iran’s options going forward, while Kevin Drum sees Joe Biden’s remarks about Israel last Sunday as a way to put more pressure on Teheran, which was Matt’s point on the show. Drum also notes something we missed: Israel can’t attack Iran without access to Iraqi airspace, and they can’t get that without a green light from us.

Now, of course, that access request might come when the bombers are a few clicks from the Syrian border, and Israel may dare the US to shoot them down, but either way it will sort of look like we at least gave tacit approval.