Bob Packwood Buries The Lede

If we can recast public financing of healthcare as a way to starve the rest of the beast, as Bob Packwood* sort of argues (if you squint) then there might be an opening to finally see it happen:

So Americans have a choice. We can spend 40 percent of our G.D.P., and provide services like Britain’s national health care. If we spent like the Nordic countries, we could provide government-paid maternity leave, subsidize college tuition and offer a health plan that was close to free for all Americans. But this would leave significantly less money for taxpayers to spend as they want.

Sounds good to me! Bring everyone on board!

*Yes, that Bob Packwood. (Geez — Newt, Eliot, now Bob Packwood, too? Is everyone going to be rehabilitated at some point?)