We Need New Shorthand Not For “Spin” But Rather For “Unaccountably Bizarre Spin That Defies Both Common Sense And Logic”

Perhaps Blagojevich didn’t get the fairest treatment but the more he speaks, the clearer it seems that the legislature probably got it right:

“Well, baby, we’re out of here,” he said to Louanner Peters, a deputy governor. His entourage hurried him toward his S.U.V. and the airport, reminding him that time might be ticking on those vehicles. He shook hands with workers on the airfield, state troopers and the pilots.

On the plane, he took a front-facing seat on the left side, his regular spot, “for old time’s sake,” he said.

“We should have been more selfish, not selfless,” he said. “It sounds probably perverse for me to say that based on what some people are saying about me. But it’s true. My family, we didn’t take advantage of all these things that people do. My successor has done a whole bunch as the lieutenant governor — taken all kinds of trips all over the world and trade missions — like he’s got anything to do with anything as lieutenant governor.”