Labor Secretary

As another follow-up to this week’s episode, here are some names being bandied about for Labor Secretary:

Labor activist Mary Beth Maxwell has emerged as a serious candidate for Secretary of Labor, Democratic and transition offiicials confirm. The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that Maxwell, who’d be the first openly gay cabinet secretary, is being vetted for the job, along with Jennifer Granholm of Michigan and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas. Of the three, Sebelius has the inside track and the closest relationship with Obama. Sebelius has also been mentioned as a potential pick for Secretary of Education.

Obama got some guff for choosing Janet Napolitano for DHS, from Democrats who were worried that her departure would mean one-party rule for Arizona. I disagreed, thinking that either the Democratic party is strong in Arizona or it isn’t. You can’t rely on one person’s magic powers to take care of you.

If he picks Sebelius, though, I may have to rethink that assessment. How many red-state Democratic governors does he really want to pick off?