Finally, A Real Bailout Package

Good old American ingenuity comes to the rescue:

Ever had to go while playing golf? Can’t hold it for all 18 holes?

A New York-born urologist came up with a solution to golfers’ bothered bladders – a faux club that fits in a golf bag, but is really a mobile urinal.

“I wanted people to feel a level of comfort,” said Dr. Floyd Seskin, inventor of the UroClub. “Worry where the pin is, not where’s the next bathroom.”

His inspiration came after a patient who underwent a prostate procedure came back months later to rave about his improved condition.

“I used to hit my ball directly into the woods so I can urinate,” the man told Seskin. “You took five strokes off my game.”

Seskin, 49, who lives in Miami Beach, set out to find a device that can help other golf enthusiasts, many of whom are over 50 and suffer from prostate problems.

He came up with a contraption that looks like a 7-iron with a wider opening on top, a handle that can hold about half a liter of liquid and – most importantly – a tight-fitting seal.

It comes with a golf towel that attaches to the belt and the club to allow a private, hands-free relief.

“You can do it anywhere,” Seskin insisted. “It looks like you’re practicing your swing or something.”