So Where the Hell Was Tom on Election Night, Anyway?

So Tom’s an IT consultant by trade, and Tom got tapped to head down to travel to an intensive technical training conference at some resort somewhere in some mountain range, far away from his family, friends, and love, sucking it up to gain knowledge among a demographic legendary (in Tom’s experience) for its unwillingness to discuss politics or policy. The schedule has the students in training sessions from “can’t see until can’t see.” Interestingly, Tuesday night was scheduled as a “social night” with no nighttime session. Notably, productive work stopped at around 4 PM Seattle time, and not just because three bears wandered onto the campus.

So Tom’s sitting in front of the TV at the conference center with a glass of wine. Okay, his third glass of wine. Of six. As CNN called Florida for Obama, Tom turned around and realized that the conference attendees were standing in a semi-circle behind me, six or seven rows deep. At laest half of the people at the conference watched Obama’s speech, and a large number applauded it at the end. Terrorist fist jabs were exchanged. Doesn’t sound like much, but it blew Tom’s mind.