Chase Utley: He’s Saying What We’re Thinking!

I was outside in the parking lot watching this on the screens the Phillies set up for fans who didn’t have tickets to the rally inside the stadium:

1) As you can tell by the YouTube, this basically summed up the mood of the day.

2) This was one of the ten to fifteen best things I’ve ever witnessed in my life, hands down.

3) Message to Chase: Don’t apologize! It’s all true!

Best speech ever:

Second baseman Chase Utley approached the microphone and proclaimed, “World champions!” Then he repeated the phrase, with a profanity between “world” and “champions,” drawing cheers for minutes. Later Friday, shirts and caps featuring Utley’s phrase were offered for sale on the Internet.

Afterward, Utley said he hadn’t planned to curse, which was aired live on TV and radio. “I was told I had to talk 10 minutes before I talked. Short and to the point,” he said.


2 thoughts on “Chase Utley: He’s Saying What We’re Thinking!”

  1. OMG. That’s going right up there with Gehrig’s “luckiest man” speech. Too bad they’ll never play it on network TV.

    Had totally missed this … thanks. What were you doing in Philly?

  2. I had to go — having grown up in Philadelphia, Mrs. Contrarian is a life-long Phillies fan; she, like the million other insane people at the parade, wouldn’t have missed this for anything.

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