Marge Gunderson Goes To Washington

Professor, you have to watch the speech first. MoDo is off; Palin is more like Marge Gunderson . . . nice brand, by the way — she’ll kill in 2012 or 2016; before then, Kristen Wiig will kill as Palin.

Update: The Swankster comments:

Besides McCain’s compelling military biography, there hasn’t been a single specific item other than rah-rahing with ‘drill here/now’. What exactly are his plans when he’s president. I need to know so I can disagree!

Their main themes are GOP vs the Media; GOP vs the East Coast & Elites (media redux – getting redundant yet?) and finally Obama will raise taxes which will of course destroy everything, so they say.

Yup. But I’m guessing that comes tonight with Punk McNasty’s speech, which apparently will have more of a “town hall” feel. But I think they did have to do a certain amount of game-changing and bust into Obama’s image a little (or a lot); he’s an incredible figure, riding high right now, so the Republicans need to break that down a little (or a lot) and redefine him. That’s why you got those intense jabs at his resume, etc. The policy stuff, if it comes, will have to come later — maybe not even tonight, but later.

The Republicans’ best chance is to activate a latent Rage Against The Machine-style “f**k you, I won’t do what you tell me” reaction to the country’s (and, to be honest, the media’s) fascination with Obama. That’s what the negativity was about last night; it’s building on the earlier criticisms that Obama is acting like “the messiah,” “The One,” etc. That’s first and foremost. Second will be to offer something different, though it’s hard to do that as a Republican these days; “security” seems hackneyed and echoes too much of Bush, tax cuts — the old standby — are hackneyed and echo too much of Bush (plus, how much lower can taxes possibly go?), and I don’t see McNasty flirting too much with the social conservative agenda (notice, for all the scary stuff we heard in advance about Palin’s book banning, even-in-the-case-of-rape stance on abortion and creationism that she really hardly mentioned social issues; that’s significant). We might hear about reform, which is McNasty’s strength and perhaps might work, I don’t know. Stay tuned.