Let a Thousand Rivers of Lies Flow

[was going to post this as a reply to Tom, but then I got into full-blown windbag mode]

Haven’t seen Palin’s speech yet, but I’ve been reading the commentary and I did catch a bunch of the other speeches yesterday.  A few things:

1) Have to say that I’m shocked how fundamentally out of touch the GOP are with “facts on the ground” in the good ol’ U S of A.  You’d think that we’d just had eight years of a Richard Gere presidency and that the marginal tax rate on the middle class was somewhere north of 70%.

2) Not to mention the out and out fallacies.  Again, this is a bit of a random sample, but I was particularly struck at the misrepresentation of European social policy, especially the characterization of Europe as “less free” than the U.S.  This is particularly ironic given the Patriot Act, FISA, etc., all of which — last I checked — were Republican policy initiatives.  Also, personal anecdote: I recently p***ed in a canal in Amsterdam in full view of several hundred people (hey, soccer was on TV and I wasn’t the only one!); I got a ticket for jaywalking in Seattle a few weeks ago.

3) More misrepresentation: how can anyone let McCain-Palin get away with the “no big government” mantra when every single one of Palin’s big initiatives as Governor have relied either on tax increases or federal handouts?

4) Last, it does strike me that if the median voter in this country can’t find Waldo in all the crap the GOP spinmeisters are throwing around … well, let’s just say I’m glad I’m in business.  Memo to GOP: Madison Avenue has a lot more control over you than your presumed “liberal media elite.”

And one last one … how, exactly, can anyone in the GOP continue to believe in the existence of a “liberal media elite” as some sort of giant shadow conspiracy?  Last I checked, Rush, Dr. Laura, et al. all commanded sizable audiences and made pretty good money.  Can we please call this what it is?  Conservative fear of people who think critically and live in cities.  This is starting to become bigotry.