A Bone Thrown, but to Whom?

When McCain announced Palin as his pick for VP, many commentators — myself included — thought the obvious: Palin was a cynical effort to win Dems disillusioned by Hillary’s exclusion from Obama’s ticket.

Now I’m not so sure.

After watching some of the GOP convention last night, it seems increasingly likely to me that Palin is actually a cynical effort by McCain to shore up his base.

Let’s face it: McCain looks more uncomfortable around his party’s die hards than Bush 41 did.  Picking Palin makes their support (and, more importantly, their turnout) a shoe-in.  Meanwhile he gets to focus on the meatier topics of the campaign without having to walk the fine line between energizing his base and appealing to undecideds.

I’m worried — it’s a brilliant gambit.  Here’s hoping it fails spectacularly.