There Go My People…

… I must find out where they are going so I can lead them!

Matt and I talked about leadership on this week’s podcast, as in, we want to see more of it from our politicians. Pols, however, tend to follow polls. They want to do what’s popular.

But what if the polls aren’t telling them what they think they’re telling them, as in the clip above? That’s what former Gallup pollster David Moore argues in this blog post. In 2003, when “support” for the Iraq War was almost 2-to-1 in favor, he asked a follow up question, “would you be upset if your opinions were ignored?” The result:

What this experiment revealed was that instead of a war-hungry public, Americans were evenly divided over whether to go to war — three in ten in favor, three in ten opposed, with a plurality willing to do whatever the political leaders thought best.

Of course, that’s not the poll result that got all the attention. And so, we went to war.