McCain’s Shady Donors

So it appears that John McCain has received tens of thousands of dollars from a shady oil tycoon who’s been sidestepping campaign finance laws (what’s the name of that law again? Oh, right) by routing money through working-class families all over the country.

Fortunately for McCain, his buddy Drudge has yet to write about this, so it will not receive any coverage in the “liberal media.” Still, the hypocrisy angle — McCain’s the author of the relevant campaign finance law — might be too much for even the MSM to avoid. Certainly hypocrisy seems to be enough for the media to cover, say, Al Gore’s private plane trips or John Edwards’ big house.

I understand that you can’t vet every donor. Clinton and Obama both had a few shady checks come their way. You try to stay on top of it, but occasionally a few slip through. Such is life. Still, when McCain’s getting hundreds of checks like this, you’d think it would be a big deal.