24 Years

That’s a long time to be living in a motel:

What worsens matters are the semantic games played by the motel’s owners, who’ve declined interviews and even ran away from a reporter.

Reading between the lines, they have suggested that their tenants are not entitled to renters’ rights — such as protection from quick eviction — because they pay for motel rooms by the week and aren’t tied to long-term leases.

Don’t try telling that to Beverly Veal, 65, who has lived at the Green Lake Motel for 24 years.

She gets no room service. She cleans her own place. “Maid service,” she snapped, “is me!”

Sure sounds like apartment living.

Most of the appliances and furnishings in Veal’s unit are hers. She showed a 2003 pink store receipt. The wrinkled paper reads $510.27 — the cost of her General Electric range unit. She pulled out a price tag for an $80 appliance from Goodwill. It’s from the fridge that now hums inside her apartment — sorry, um, motel room.