Petraeus to CENTCOM

Bush has nominated Gen. Petraeus to head the U.S. Central Command, replacing Admiral William Fallon. Fallon wasn’t too keen on the whole “bomb Iran” thing, so he got canned. But remember, Bush always listens to his “commanders on the ground!” Politics never enters the equation, of course!!

And, of course, who could possibly be more objective then a guy who was a random three-star general just 4 years ago? It’s not like Petraeus owes his whole career to Bush or anything…

Finally, one last bit of snark here: this nomination is classic Bush: look around the room and point to the first person you see. Need a Supreme Court Justice? Just walk into the hallway outside the Oval Office and point to the first lawyer you spot… Harriet Meyers, of course! No? Okay, how about Al Gonzales?