Never Forget . . .

. . . or whatever:

A Sept. 11 memorial dedicated to NYPD and Port Authority cops who lost their lives in the terror attacks was defaced over the weekend.

Funded by the National Police Defense Foundation (NPDF), it was destined to be displayed at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, N.J.

“It was almost seven years in the making,” said Joseph Occhipinti, executive officer of the NPDF, who added that the art piece has cost $80,000 so far to create. “We’re not sure if it’s repairable or needs to be made from scratch.”

Originally, there had been talk of placing the monument at the former Fresh Kills landfill before the New Jersey location was selected, Occhipinti said.

Now, plans for installing the sculpture by the next anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing are on hold indefinitely.

The memorial is a 14-foot high wall of Indiana limestone that features a carved American flag unfurled like a protective blanket against the former Twin Towers. To the right of the buildings is a full-length statue of a police officer standing at attention, with police dog at his side.

The statue was being stored outside in the rear of the sculptor’s studio in Freehold, N.J., when it was vandalized sometime Saturday night, Occhipinti said.

The suspects used a blunt object to damage the officer’s face and the visor of his uniform cap.

“The artist literally got sick when he discovered it,” Occhipinti added.