Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Mister Elephant?

Is the fix in up here in wussy progressive Washington? Various sources are reporting that the Washington GOP watched Huckabee lead in the caucus by a point or two for most of the day yesterday. McCain seemed to take the lead by a point with around 75% of precincts reporting. When the count reached 87.2% of precincts reporting, the party decided to stop counting and declared McCain the winner. Naturally, Huckabee’s a little upset by this.

My instinct in reading this news was to wonder what counties had not reported when the GOP stopped counting. To this end, I flipped over to MSNBC and CNN, and looked for county by county results. On the Republican side, guess what I found?

I’ll admit to obsessively following the numbers on the Democratic side, and not really paying attention to how the GOP caucuses have been reporting. So my question for the loyal readership is, were there vote counts posted yesterday that have somehow disappeared? Does the Washington GOP simply not report until they’re done? Has the overall competence of the Bush Administration simply filtered down to the state level? Or is the fix in?

Update: TPM has bitten into this one with a vengeance, and directs us to a CBS news story claiming that Luke Esser, Chairman of the State GOP, hung up on Lauren Huckabee when she requested that an attorney monitor completion of the vote count.

Stay classy, Luke! You do your party proud!