Elections and the Media

This is a couple weeks old, but still interesting:

CNN, which had been sucking wind behind the blabbers of Fox News before the election, is suddenly bubbling along on huge numbers, buoyed by debates, primaries and all the dots being connected in between. Almost 3.3 million people tuned in to CNN’s prime-time election coverage last Tuesday, nearly double the number of the 2004 New Hampshire primary.

Fox has a bump of its own, with 3.06 million viewers, up 60 percent from 2004. MSNBC had a more modest 1.64 million viewers, but still a 150 percent bump from the previous election cycle. “There may be a lack of compelling viewing alternatives, but we thought there would be high interest anyway. People are tuning in and staying,” said Jonathan Klein, CNN’s president.

The article is in the context of the writers’ strike, and the attendant shifts in audience.