The Legislature and I-747

Gov. Gregoire has called the legislature into special session to restore the 1% cap on property tax increases, caving into Republicans and Tim Eyman right before an election year.

Goldy’s pretty hot and bothered over it, but why? I mean, doesn’t he realize that Dino Rossi will be so awesomely outmaneuvered by Gregoire’s clever ploy that he’ll have no choice to withdraw his candidacy and concede defeat?!

C’mon! It’s easy to see that Gregoire’s been talking to Mike Holmgren, and she’s figured out that it’s ALWAYS easier to win an away game. So she’s just going to play on Rossi’s turf.

I expect Rossi’s withdrawl within the next 48 hours. After all, Republicans always get scared and back off when you give them everything that they want. Showing fear always works.