Wow – These Guys Really Hate Transit

Since Bruno won’t let me post anything inflammatory on OrphanRoad, I’ll have to go off on the Seattle Times here.  Their headline today: “Should You Trust Sound Transit?”

You’re all smart people, so I won’t bore you with a discussion of the semiotics of this statement (basically, by asking the question, it sets up a mental dichotomy — “trust or not trust” — that frames the debate in a way that puts Sound Transit on the defensive).

Still, you have to ask: what is it about transit that gets the Times’ collective knickers in a twist?  You’d think they’d be excited … after all, newspaper readership among transit riders MUST be higher than among drivers, for obvious reasons (at least, TicketPunch agrees).  So from a purely economic perspective you’d think the Times would be pro-transit.  [Of course, if the median voter can’t be trusted to reliably vote in her own self-interest, maybe I should expect that a major corporation owned by a dinosaur would be similarly unenlighted.]

Anyway, vote for RTID!