When I say, as I often do, that the Dems play softball to the GOP’s hardball, this is what I’m talking about. The Dems tried to go all hardball on this childrens’ health insurance program, putting a 12-year-old boy without insurance on the radio during their weekly address. Manipulative? You betcha. But even that wasn’t hard enough.

How do I know? Because the right-wingers actually managed to go one further and started harassing the kid and his family. At their house!

Unbelievable, but that’s the logic of playing permanent offense. The scary thing is that the media will start to pick up on this, leaving it as an exercise for the viewer to decide whether or not the kid deserves insurance.

And, by fighting it to a draw, the wingers will have won yet again.

If the Dems can elevate out of this gutter politics, Clinton-style, by playing to the center-left American majority, I’m all for it. But thus far they’ve proved that they can’t play that game anymore either, and are simply relying on continued Republican implosions to save their sorry asses.