Lee Bollinger, Embarrassment

Look, I detest Iran’s repressive policies as much as the next American.  And I clearly think that Columbia is well within its rights — nay, performing a critical service for our democracy — by inviting L’il Kid Nuclear to speak.

But still, it’s utterly deplorable to invite a guest to your home and then use it as an opportunity to lay into him without immediate provocation.  It’s simply rude, and it just can’t play well in Iran’s Peoria.  The Beeb noted last night how America’s tone towards Iraq is increasingly menacing, almost custom-designed by the Bush regime to increase the tempo of the war drums.  By his bullsh*t, passive aggressive wank-tard actions, Lee Bollinger has unwittingly helped deliver the American left directly into the Bush’s warmongering hands.  And let’s not forget that the neo-cons were originally idealistic leftists before the American left turned towards introspection and navel-gazing.

This is a protocol disaster of the highest order.  Lee Bollinger — you’re a dumbass.