More Blackwater

U.S. Diplomats pretty much can’t leave the Green Zone, now that Blackwater Security’s been shut down:

The episode has seriously handicapped the daily operations of the State Department at a time when the focus of the American effort here has shifted to outreach to tribes, local leaders and ordinary citizens in neighborhoods. On Tuesday, the embassy went into lockdown, with trips outside the Green Zone all but stopped.

“There is no activity by Blackwater at the moment,” Ms. Nantongo said. And since Blackwater employees guard embassy officials outside the Green Zone, “we are now not moving.”

Hmm. I’m confused! I thought the whole point of privatizing the U.S. military is that we’d open it up to competition. How come other security firms aren’t stepping up to offer their services?

Sure is a shame that the U.S. military no longer has the expertize or logistical capacity to do this kinda stuff.