Er, Rudy?

Somebody find Rudy’s pills, quick:

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani urged NATO to admit Australia, India, Israel, Japan and Singapore on Wednesday as part of proposals to combat Islamic extremism …

Among his proposals for the United States and Britain to take the lead in “winning this war, [on global terrorism]” Giuliani urged the two countries to push for an expansion of NATO into a global body.

“We should open [NATO’s] membership to any willing state that meets basic standards of good governance, military readiness (and) global responsibility, regardless of location,” he said.

“I think we should consider countries such as Australia, Singapore, India, Israel, Japan … and there are probably a whole group of others that we could put on that list,” he said.

Leaving aside for a minute the fact that it’s the NORTH ATLANTIC Treaty Organization [heck, what’s in a name, anyway?  if the Big Ten can have 11 teams, I suppose NATO can have members not actually in the North Atlantic], this proposal shows an incredible amount of naivety on Rudy’s part.  Singapore?  It’s a dictatorship.  India? Not a party to the NPT, and still buying weapons from the Sovi …, er, “Russians.”  Israel?  A country who’s very existence is taken as a legit causus belli by many of our own malefactors.

Shameless pandering, maybe.  But Rudy — my respectometer is register dangerously close to zero when I wave it in your direction these days.  And to think, I used to think you were a contender.

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