The Gore Endorsement

Wes Clark’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton is interesting and all, but what I’m wating for is the Gore endorsement. If and when the G-man decides not to run, he’ll most likely want to endorse someone. But who? Despite having served with Hillary’s husband, there’s no love lost between Gore and the Clintons. It’s sorta hard to see him endorsing a pro-war, establishment dem like Clinton.

In ’04, that meant backing Dean over Kerry. In ’08, it could mean backing Edwards or Obama. Gore still has the support of about 10 percent of the Democratic electorate (.pdf). With Gore out, half his supporters defect to Clinton about half to Obama, effectively cancelling out the effect. But were Gore to go out and actually endorse either candidate, that could change. He could make this a much tighter race if he chose to by endorsing Obama and going out and campaigning for him.

The man’s no Oprah, but he’s still got some clout. The Dean endorsement came in December. With the way this primary calendar is shaping up, the Michigan primaries and Iowa caucuses could be over by then. Stay tuned…