Warner’s In

Looks like another red-state Senate seat may go Democrat. It came down to the political environment and some cajoling from the DSCC:

He agonized for weeks over whether to run for Senate or seek his old job in 2009. Virginia governors are barred from succeeding themselves.

A self-described executive, Warner loved being governor and often called it “the best job in America.”

But Warner was under tremendous pressure from national Democratic leaders to run for the Senate after John Warner announced two weeks ago that he would not seek reelection.

Warner has to be the favorite to win. Even if George Allen gets in, which I just can’t imagine, it’s going to be an uphill battle for the GOP.

He would have been a great presidential candidate, but apparently he had other ideas. Of course, he’s remarkably young at 52, so there’s still plenty of time. One or two terms in the Senate to work the national connections and buff up the foreign policy experience, and who knows?