Affluent and Independent

Eli Sanders points us to a good-news-bad-news Survey USA poll on the Reichert-Burner race, a statistical tie at 50-47, respectively. Interesting nugget:

Most Demographic groups are stable. But two are worth noting: Among Independent voters, Reichert had led by 5, now trails by 10, a 15-point swing. Among affluent voters, Burner had led by 4, now trails by 5, a 9-point swing.

Reichert’s lost independents, and Burner’s lost wealthy people.

Why? The power of negative ads. Reichert (and the RNC) have been hammering Burner on taxes, while Burner and the DNC have been relentlessly linking Reichert to Bush.

The result: Reichert loses cred with independents and Burner loses upper-income folks.

Next time someone asks you why politicians go negative at the end of a campaign… this is why.